Did there ever be a situation where you lose money or get high point score when you get disconnected while: Opponent player placed show when you were in a running game? You click on show or are about to place a show? You were about to meld your cards but the opponent has placed a show?
You don't have to worry about this.AutoPlay addresses all the above problems.

How AutoPlay works?
If you are unable to meld cards yourself due to internet disconnection, AutoPlay will meld the cards for you and ensure you get least points.

Merits of AutoPlay:
Automated System which gets activated on disconnection It automatically melds your grouped cards Makes sure that you get the least possible score
AutoPlay will work for below scenarios:
If there arises a situation where while playing a game, if you get disconnected and opponent places a show, AutoPlay will make sure to meld the cards and help get least possible score if you haven't dropped already. If you want to place a show and you click on it and then there is a disconnection, then AutoPlay will meld your grouped cards as it is after your meld time runs out. If an opponent player places a show and you get disconnected before you meld/send your cards, then AutoPlay will meld your cards as per the groups you had prepared.
Terms & Conditions:
AutoPlay ensures that a least count is given for those players who get disconnected instead of Drop Points. AutoPlay wouldn't group the cards for you. It will only meld/show the cards you have grouped. So make sure your cards are always grouped to make the best use of AutoPlay and score the least. We (management) are not responsible for any errors or differences in the awarded score due to AutoPlay. We (management) are not responsible if AutoPlay doesn't work on time being. We (management) have the right to take any decisions and act upon them, without any prior notifications given to you. Such as removing AutoPlay at any desired point of time. We wish you the best experience on Thank you.