1. How to register on rummygame.com?
The home page consists of various credentials to be filled, the fields are designed in such a way that the task of registering gets complete with ease. You are required to sign-up and agree to the terms of use.
For security and identification purpose every individual is entitled with a unique username and password.
This is an easy step where you’d need to click on “Play rummy” button and by doing so you will be redirected to the game lobby where you can select your preferred game choice and play.
With the email id and mobile number being verified, in case you forget your password, Clicking on the “Forgot Password” link will provide you with the instructions on creating a new password, and the same will be mailed to you.
Verification of email and mobile number is essential because the important account related updates are sent through the same. Therefore to eliminate the chance of misuse to take active steps to verify the email id and mobile number.
The variants are available in both fun and cash versions:
Points Rummy – Can be played with or without Joker according to your wish.
Pool Rummy – Four options are provided – 101 points pool, 201 points pool, Best of three and One Deal.
  • The process is as follows: Minimum 2 players Count down begins Cards will be given to each player sequencing the order of play Seats will be synced according to the order of the play Cards will be dealt. Joker card is pulled out and one card is kept open faced.
As soon as the spot light hits the seat and countdown starts, will be the indication that it is your turn.
  • There is only one sort order.
  • By clicking You’ll have your cards sorted out in sequence.
You can drop from most variants of the game excluding the best of 3 pool rummy and one deal rummy games. The drop points being marked according to the game are as follows:

The points for dropping from a game will be applicable as follows:
Game type First drop Middle drop
101 points game - 20 points 40 points
201 points game - 25 points 50 points
Points Rummy - 10 points 30 points
3 or more cards arranged in the same symbol in a continuous row is called as sequence.
3 or 4 cards bearing the same number or picture from different suites is termed as set.
Once you have made a pure sequence, only then joker can be used.
You can complete a set or sequence using joker.
In this case, the next player won’t be able to pick your card.
Once you are done with sequence, all except 14th card are grouped. On being satisfied you can click on “Show” button, doing which a “declaration” button appears. Recheck the sequence or set you have grouped and click on “yes”.
Making a wrong show will get the full count for the game – that is 80 points.
Playing free game is unconditional; you can play as long you like devoid of any restrictions
As declared by Hon’ Supreme Court, Rummy has been declared as a skill game and not gambling. Therefore marking it as legal.
1. How do I withdraw funds from Rummygame.com?
You can withdraw funds from Rummygame.com through online transfer.
  • Documents are necessary only when you are asked to submit. Those required documents will be as follows: Pan card copy Copy of address proof that with validates to the address used while registering in rummygame.com.
For withdrawal, the minimum amount is Rs.100 and the maximum amount is withdrawable amount shown on withdrawal cash page.
Online transfers will be processed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, excluding Saturday and Sunday. Your account will be credited within 7 working days directly. However, this process may be delayed if any suspicious acts or breach of terms is conducted by you.
You can mail us, your doubts to (Email id:support@rummygame.com)) please do contact if any queries.
1. What is the process to purchase cash chips?
  • You have various deposit options to do the same, from our Addcash tab. These are: Credit cards Debit cards Net banking Cash cards Mobile payment
We assure you 100% secure payments at Rummygame.com. All information provided for the completion of financial transaction, is encrypted for security using 128-bit SSL.
If there arises a situation as such, you will have to immediately inform the following through a mail to
Email id:support@rummygame.com and give in the necessary information asked for. Our customer service will verify the status of the transaction with the payment gateway and work it out. There won’t take place any misplace of money since there are unique transaction IDs to each.
A minimum amount of 100 must be deposited to play cash games though you have tables starting even from one rupee or Rs.5.
There are no limits set to make transactions but, we request you to understand your limits and play accordingly.
1. What is cash bonus? How will I get it?
Cash bonus is the extra bonus which you will get for making cash purchase. You will be getting a 100% welcome cash bonus on your first deposit up to Rs.1500.
The utilization of the amount to play game is known as wagering. Wagering can be also called as bet amount.
Regular Bonus :For every Rs.100 wagered – there will be a release of Rs.10 bonus.
Special Bonus : For everyRs.100 wagered - there will be a release of Rs. 10 bonus.
Yes. You can redeem the welcome bonus within 30 days from the day of credit.
1. What is a promotion?
Those special offers provided by Rummygame.com to add-in additional benefits to our players are known as promotions. They are categorised into two according to the time period.
  • Those which remain for long period of time are: Welcome Bonus – It is provided on your first deposit. Refer-a-friend offer – A buddy bonus up to Rs.1500 will be credited to you in case the referred friend registers and deposits through the link provided.
  • Those which keep changing over a short period of time are: Festive offers – Playing with huge wagering amount to get gifts or rewards. Coupon Codes – An extra cash bonus can be received if used coupon codes. Cash back offers – Those short term offers which provide you cash back.
  • They benefit you through every stage you play by bringing in more rewards and encouragement. Free cash bonuses can be won. You can compete well with extra benefits in your games. You can refer friends and rewarded for the same. You will have an opportunity to win gifts through your skills.
There are many promotions according to what the player wants. Players who are registered are only eligible to avail these in which few are limited only to the cash players.
If at all the promotional offer expires, then it will not be applicable anymore. You will have to wait for the next promotional offer which won’t take any longer.
We update the offers regularly on promotions page of rummygame.com. You will also be sent a mail to the provided Email and a message to the provided phone number.
You will have to provide correct Email address and mobile number to get the updates on time being. We will fill you in with all the updates.
1. What is Refer a friend offer?
  • You have the chance to refer a friend and earn up to Rs.1500 per each friend. All you have to do is: Enter the email address of the friend Friend will have to register through the link provided by Rummygame.com via email Friend must make a cash deposit.
When your friend registers accordingly and makes a cash deposit, you will get Buddy bonus up to Rs.1500 per each.
There is no limit of friends you get to refer as long as they are genuine.
1. What is TDS? When is it deducted?
TDS means Tax Deducted at Source. As per section 194B, 30% on any sort of net winnings and which is above Rs.10, 000 will be deducted. This is will done on a single game net winnings, which is of or more than the above mentioned amount.
Rummygame.com will deposit the TDS amount to the Income Tax Department against your PAN card number to avoid difficulty. Thus, we request you to provide the rightful PAN card details so that you get benefitted while filing your tax returns.
Yes. You will be provided with TDS certificate for TDS deductions from your account.
You will receive your TDS certificate by the end of every quarter during the financial year (April 1-march 31). The TDS will be deposited once in every quarter wherein the issuing of the TDS certificate will be done in the very next month. So, if any TDS amount is deducted at the time of January or February or March, then you shall receive the certificate in the month of April of the same year.
The TDS certificate will be sent to your registered Email address. You also can get a copy of the same on request. In case there be a situation of changing Email address please inform us.
You can mail us to(Email:support@rummygame.com) if have any doubts.
What are the suggested system requirements?

We suggest the below requirements for our players to have an amazing experience at rummygame.com

Your System.

You don’t have to face any difficulty of installing extra hardware or software to play at Rummygame.com. It has been designed to bring in ease to our players. If in case you have any trouble playing then check the following specifications which are to be there.

• CPU - Pentium 4 and above is recommended.
• RAM - 512MB is recommended.
•Operating System - We support our games on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, as well as on Linux. Our games are known to work on Apple Mac computers as well.
• Screen Resolution - 1024x768 is recommended.
• Please use a web browser from our Supported Browsers list.
• Please ensure that your Internet connection confirms to the recommendations mentioned.
• To listen to Game Sounds, turn on the speakers.

We tested on Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and Google Chrome. Please note that: Your browser must contain Javascript enabled. To have an amazing experience to play, you have to disable the pop-up Blocker in your browser for rummygame.com

You will have to have an internet connection which is speed enough, so that you will have an amazing experience. The computer must have the ability to connect and download all the game related data from our servers in a speed and dependable way. We advise you to have a high-speed broadband connection of 256Kbps and above.

  • Click “start” button and choose “run” on your windows 2000 or XP computer.
  • Type “cmd” into the window with no quotes. A new window appears.
  • After this resulting window appears, type the following as-is: ping rummygame.com- 10
  • After a while, you will be displayed with a summary of the connection statistics from your computer to our servers.
  • The loss percentage should be 0% for the desired experience.
  • The average latency should be less than 400ms for the best experience.
  • You shall acknowledge that the quality of the internet to play multiplayer rummy games on rummygame.com should be much better than that you use for the regular internet activities on your daily basis such as browsing or email etc. Even a little deprivation in the connection quality will lead to a not-so-good experience on rummygame.com in a bad way.
  • It is advised to play after 15-20 minutes later if such error occurs.
  • We also advise that not more than 4-5 players must log into rummygame.com at once if in a cyber café or otherwise when internet is shared with others.

    Games on rummygame.com are offered on TCP port 80 and 443. These are offered on HTTP protocol.

    When there is any kind of interference in your internet connection, then this message will be seen.

    You shall make sure that you are following the PC system and the internet connection requirements accordingly.

    While you play on rummygame.com, try not to open other applications and bandwidth resource intensive website.

    Eg- Email clients, video websites or any other which requires high bandwidth. Thus, we advise you to open rummygame.com in one browser window alone.

    You can mail us to (Email:support@rummygame.com)