Gaining a humongous trust by people, we are fulfilling the customers’ needs by providing them safe and a secure platform. A game can only be trusted by, when there is transparency and we make it our foremost responsibility to provide you full fairness in the game, by boxing in latest security features and dynamic algorithms.

KYC (Know Your Customer) policy

In order to know and understand our customers and help them, manage risks prudently, we incorporated few key elements such as customer acceptance policy, customer identification procedures, monitoring the transactions and risk management.

It is important for the users of to carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions. According to the KYC(know your customer) process, all the users are required to verify their Email address, Mobile number, ID proofs such as PAN card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Address proofs and IP address check.

  • While creating the account on, it is necessary for the players to submit or give in few required KYC details.
  • Further, it is important for the players to update these KYC policies such as providing required legal proofs to verify his identity whenever being asked. This may be at the time of purchasing cash chips exceeding certain amount or any other circumstances.
Gaming Norms stands for equality and ensures the games played here are fair; therefore we have developed the surroundings in a way such that every player is given equal amount of control so that the player feels that, he’s playing in a safe arena.

The following are the features which are to be taken into consideration.

Purchasing limits: The player will be able to control their purchase limits moreover each player would have self-defined purchase limit.

Age checks: A player should be a major to be able commence, that is players below 18 years of age are banned.

Closure of account: To give the players the freedom with their accounts, they can get in contact with us in order to cease their account either temporarily or permanently.

Territory Checks: The players accessing from Telangana, Sikkim, Assam, Orissa and Nagaland are not allowed to play on our real money tables.

Game Security:

When a game includes real time money, security is always a concern, and hence we have maintained high level security systems for allowing fair play and keeping the fraudulent players away.

Communication protection: A secured connection is established while you access, making all the games played over the website and mobile devices secure. The Dual verification and log protection makes sure that data cannot be manipulated at both client and server end.

Purchase Chips Security: All the transactions made at are firewalled with 2048-bit SSL. Moreover no credit card/debit card and digital wallet information of player is stored on

Fraud and Collusion Protection: certain fraud protection measures have been developed to make sure that all our players stay safe from fraudulent others of on table collusion.

The seating arrangements cannot be controlled by any of the players and is prefixed. Thus, players have no choice to make who their partners would

The players or users are linked up with an IP address which will be stored by the company. Those players who log in from the same IP address are not allocated the similar seats on the table.

Our Fraud detection system is smart enough to detect players who collude into cheating. They are further blocked from taking seat on the same table.

All the security patches will be updated every time the notifications get released by the vendors. keeps a constant check on the reviews and works on it.

No BOTS Policy: does not have activities indulged in which it includes bots or robotic programs (BOTs).

All players are KYC verified and are genuine.

Defence disconnection:

A constant error free network is not possible to exist all the time as we wish. When there are any affects caused due to poor connection or weak internet network or any fluctuations in the processing’s, we have set in few measures to maintain the interest of the players post the issue.

  • When there occurs a disconnection problem, the systems helps you by the auto play function and then the score is calculated according to the previously saved data.
  • In case the players middle drop count score is more than the saved groups score, then the auto play continuous till the opponent places a show.
  • In the above case, when the opponent places a show while the game is in auto play then the disconnected player scores according to minimal points in middle drop or the saved group score.

Above logic does not apply to “Best of 3” games where the game always goes into auto play and player does not have an option to drop/middle drop.