Indian Rummy Glossary and Terminology

This deals with the online rummy game(s) in which, it involves the elimination(s). It purely comprises of the elimination of the player(s) whose score exceeds 101 points and it continues till one last player is left out. The player who stands out till the end is announced or stated as the winner.
This type is similar to that of 101 rummy game, but here the players who hasn’t gathered 201 points shall win and the ones who crosses 201 will be eliminated.
In this form, The game consists of three rounds, and the player with minimum points at the end of third round will be declared as a winner.
To entering a tournament of cash rummy game, a person to pay cash amount. This is referred as buy in.
After the cards have been distributed to the players, The remaining un-dealt pack of cards which are faced down is called as closed deck.
Distribution of cards to the players at the beginning of every hand by dealer.
At the start of every hand a player distributes card to every other, he’s termed as a dealer.
Playing rummy requires certain objectives to be met, Once the player has met all, he shall finish the game by departing a card to the finish slot and revealing the hand cards to the opponents.
Drawing cards from the closed or open deck and then discarding the card facing up on the Open deck, this process of discarding the card having it faced open is called discard.
The process of picking up a card from closed or open deck is called drawing a card.
Quitting or exiting the game in between by clicking the drop button.
Face Cards are the Kings Queens and Jacks of the deck collectively.
The cards that are dealt to a player, which are to be arranged in sequence and/or set.
Joker can be used with a group of three or more consecutive cards to form the same suit.
A group of three or more consecutive cards formed as a group excluding joker would be called as a pure sequence.