Terms & Conditions

The rummygame.com offers you a variety of games and its related services synonymously called as “services” provided by rummygame.com and/or affiliates, subsidiaries, associates and partners and therefore will be referred as “WE” or “US” or “rummygame.com” or “OUR”.

The terms of service will be hereby referred as “Terms” and as the website is used, the user shall be subjected to the following Terms of Service provided by Shakamuri Entertainments PVT.LTD through www.rummygame.com (The “Site”).


If in case, there be any terms which may be invalid, unlawful, void, voidable, illicit or dishonest by any of the reasons under any existing judicial body of India, it wouldn’t influence the validity of the time period and the enforceability of the rest of the terms.

Any unlawful, voidable, void or unenforceable term will absolutely be replaced into a valid, right, and enforceable and most importantly that which gives effect to the real or original intent of the invalid or unenforceable term.

We recommend you to download and print out the transaction records; cancellation policies pay-out policies and rules of play because registering in our website makes you deemed to have accepted and understood all the terms.

Any sort of delay or crash to exercise the rights with respect to breach of these terms by you will not be ignored.We may organise few competitions on our website which will be governed by these terms, additionally also may require specifically developed rules and regulations applied for that competitions only.

You may discontinue using the website and services offered by the same if you do not agree with the following terms or any future modifications to the same.


User Account, Password, and Security:

If you use the rummygame.com, Confidentiality of your User Name and Password will be your responsibility and also will be responsible for all the acts that are done through the displayed name and password.

You shall know and agree that if at all you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, we shall have the right to indefinitely suspend or terminate or block access of your membership on the rummygame.com.

You agree to -

Immediately notify rummygame.com of any unauthorized use / breach of your account or the password and also

Make sure you exit from your very own account after each and every session ends.

know that you will be responsible and liable for the loss in case of unauthorised usage of your account by another.

To provide additional contact information in case at any point of time we may require to verify the authenticity of the account during the process of registration or after you have registered with us.

Treat fellow players with respect and courtesy until the use of website. In case found otherwise we are fully in power to cancel, suspend or terminate your account.

You shall treat rummygame.com harmless and that which is not responsible for any kind of damages done by the third party.


Validation of players accounts may happen over phone and calls and also that we reserve the right to do so.

In case of validation being unsuccessful we reserve the right to stop the players or users from logging into the website.

We may require you to provide the identification proof at any given time, knowing that the information would be kept confidential and will be used for internal purposes only.


The authorized owner of all the content in this particular website is rummygame.com alone and none other than that. By content it also includes logos, marks, images, games, software and multimedia clips, not just limiting itself just to the information. That which information which is posted in the form of content in the website is protected by property laws.

The authorised owner of all the existing software programs is rummygame.com. You completely agree or acknowledge that you make use of our website (rummygame.com) only for the purpose of availing the services provided to you by us and not for any other mere reasons for commercially bringing in profits for your business. The service provisions will not be deemed to facilitate you with any kind of licence issues to use the software embedded in our website (rummygame.com) for any sort of purposes than to avail our services. The user or the player shouldn’t or shall not have the right to act on reversing engineer, disassemble, use for any purposes which are not connected with our services or even otherwise involve or interfere with the working of the software.

No kind of activities such as ‘hacking’ are to be done or attempted onto our website neither will any activities related to obtaining access to our source code of the software being used will be done. Not only this but obtaining access to any other links in the website which aren’t meant to be accessed by you and only us and no one else, is to be followed availing our services.

If any such activities where it is found that reverse engineer, disassemble, or hacking into our website is done then you will be liable to be prosecuted by rummygame.com under few laws.


There will be various types of competitions organised or held by us on the website (rummygame.com). These also include with cash, promotional games and games only for practice.

Games to practice:

Games for practice are conducted to bring various rules of the game into the light for the users or the players of rummygame.com

It should also be understood by you that there wouldn’t be any cash rewards if you win any of the practice game(s).

Rummygame.com shall not be blamed for any reasons here in. These could be; you not being able to access the website though you are eligible to do so, in which it is not alone limited to situations such as you being unable to login into your account or since your account is under validation or you that which makes you being in violation of the terms mentioned in rummygame.com or there being disturbances from you own internet service providers.

Promotional Games:

These promotional Games which we conduct for you to play require few steps to be followed such as; they may either be free to join or may ask you to use your promotional chips. These promotional chips herein are acquired or earned or accumulated while you keep playing.

Those chips which you will be winning during the time of promotional games can be utilised or used only by redeeming them for certain prizes or gifts which are offered to you by rummygame.com at its discretion.

Those chips which you win and accumulate are certainly not fit into the category of redeeming them for cash.

The details of these promotional games would certainly vary from time being and the same would be informed by the rummygame.com to the players or you supposedly. We shall give in our best efforts to make sure it is publicised accordingly. An additional step to make sure it has been informed; we also inform the players via e-mails or any other communication methods but do not guarantee the same.

Cash Games:

There exist few games which may ask for an entry fee or Buy-in or registration fee as described in supplementary terms and conditions those which actually govern those games.

The amount for the Buy-in or entry fee or the registration fee may certainly vary from each game.

All sorts of taxes which levy or be imposed on the prizes you win will absolutely be borne by you.

According to the applicable laws of India, we (rummygame.com) require paying certain taxes and thus we reserve the right to retain the amount from gifts or prizes.

For you to participate in the games made available on our website (rummygame.com) by us, which require you to pay an entry fee or Buy-in are subjected to the following terms and conditions:

i. Your age must absolutely be 18 and above to participate or play paid games or tournaments or competitions provided or offered on rummygame.com by us. You must truthfully mention your age while the registration with rummygame.com be done.

Minors or those who are under aged are strictly prohibited or not allowed to participate in any games, tournaments and competitions. We reserve the right to ask for proof of age from you and then suspend or hang your account until the necessary documentations to prove the same are provided or submitted. There may be any doubts regarding you age or should be have the reason to believe you are under aged or less than 18 years of age, you will not be permitted to participate in any paid games, tournaments and competitions. Also your account will be deactivated.

ii. Any kind of transactions regarding the cash tournaments and games will absolutely be calculated in rupees and nothing else other than that

iii. As you register yourself on rummygame.com, we shall maintain an account on your name which would keep a record of every transaction you will be having with us. Payment being made for Buy-in or entry fee must be made by you must be done through your account and none since all cash prizes which you may win will be credited to that account by us.

iv.For the purpose of paying the entry fee or registration fee or the Buy-ins which are asked for participating in the games with cash, you (the player or the user) must mention the maximum and minimum limits with respect to the money.

v. While making any payments, we suggest you to make sure that the account being used is yours alone which will be used to add cash in your account. You shall not:

Make usage of any payment instrument which you are absolutely not authorized to use to transact on rummygame.com.

Make usage of your payment transact on rummygame.com using account which is not yours or which doesn’t belong to you.

NOTE: If there takes place any sort of violation of the above, we reserve the right to look into the issue, if required or if necessary also report it to the appropriate authorities and shut down or close the account immediately or instantly. We also along with that, reserve the right to retain the funds in your account by not using or applying them for the purpose it has to be paid until we are satisfied with the identification of the payment source and make sure that the payment has been made with due authorization.

vi. While you make your payments on rummygame.com using the given payments modes, your payment is processed or is controlled by a third party gateway and none of the information you provide there will be visible to us

vii. You need to understand and agree that all rights are controlled by us when it comes to the cancellation of the transaction at any given time period solely to our discretion without having the need to explain the reasons for such. In a situation where you haven’t received any benefits for the payments you have done, the money would be credited back to your payment instrument.

viii. It is also to be understood and agreed that any payment made though the preferable mode of payment available on rummygame.com may be rejected by the payment gateway due to reasons and this act has nothing to do with us. You shall know and agree that rummygame.com is not liable and has nothing to do with the non-processing of the payments or transactions being made by you for the reasons not attributable to our control or power.

ix.Any amount held in your account by rummygame.com which is paid by you or which may have accrued to you under the terms and conditions is done on the basis of the trust act and none other. It is assured to be used or utilized for the service purpose or remitted to your account according to the case though. You are to know and remember that, no amount on your account shall be helpful for you to receive any interest.

We or rummygame.com suggest you on playing sensibly on our website since there will be certain changes on varying time. Rummygame.com can have the right to set limitations or restrictions on the amount of money you add to your account which can be spent for entry fees in various other competitions or games hosted on our website.

You shall acknowledge that your participation in various games on rummygame.com is subject to conditions regarding the purchase of chips and that you shall not question on the same. You can purchase a minimum of 100 cash chips to making use of our payment options only. This value of the upper and lower limit for the cash chips may vary from time being when ever required, without any notification on the same.

x. If any circumstances of your departure from the table is desired or wished for, certain options allow you to do the same. In order to leave the table from a cash game, you need to click on “leave the table” before the given time (before the registration is closed). In such a case, your entry fee will be credited into your account. But when the registration is closed before your departure and no refund is made, and then you shall not demand the same.

xi. You shall read and agree that when you join a game, the required entry free for that certain game will be debited from your rummygame.com cash account as a payment for the participation in the chosen game by you, for cash. Before the registration closing time, if you want to redeem from the chosen cash game, then the entry fee will be credited back to your Rummy Game cash account else the same wouldn’t be done and shall not be demanded to.

Cash-outs you make are absolutely governed by the following:-

You have the choice to redeem money from your own account anytime subject to bonus cash-outs restrictions, as mentioned and notify us of the same. As soon as notified, we may pay the mentioned amount through electronic transfer based on the mode of cash-outs that which has been selected by you. We shall make good efforts to respect your choice on the mode of cash-outs but reserve the right to pay the asked amount to you by any means as may be determined by us.

For acquiring the rummy game winnings from your account, an electronic bank to bank transfer can be done so. All these withdrawals will not be charged any and are free of cost. Apart from this, there exists no restriction on the limit of withdrawals per month.

xiii.If there occurs, a case of the payment transactions failing due to wrong or incorrect bank account details, then the same amount shall be refunded to your Rummy Game account. In this case, you shall move up to a fresh withdrawal request, update with correct or right bank account details for the transaction to be done.

xiv. The details along with your name in your registration details on the website must match with the details on your financial instrument used for payments transactions. If there exists none, then we reserve the right to look into or verify your details to make sure that the financial instrument used for transactions is genuine and not misused. According to this:

We shall look into or verify your identification details and the age from time being.

If any fraudulent acts are witnessed or observed or detected then necessary actions will be taken as such, withholding of purchases in your account or seize your participations in our games. Acts such as informing or notifying the relevant regulatory or law enforcement authorities where necessary, will be followed by rummygame.com.

xv.No refund or cancellation will be considered by rummygame.com

Your participation in the game(s) on our website and any prize(s) which you may win in such, signifies that you agree and consent to the following:

i. Your registration on rummygame.com is only for you alone and non other, as it is a single user account and this process cannot be disturbed or disobeyed by the user availing our services on rummygame.com.

ii. The usage or setting up multiple user IDs for the purpose of registration on rummygame.com is strictly restricted by us. On any detection or encounter of multiple user IDs, we hold the right to cease or suspend your account(s) without any prior notifications until the situation is verified. Also will the additional accounts be ceased or suspended on this act of yours, provided the cash balances being withdrawn by our officials on which you don’t have any take. Alternatively, necessary documents will be asked for the verification process to be complete.

iii. You agree to be a single or individual player while participating in our games.

iv. Arrangements or creations of teams or groups with agreements between you and any other user(s) for playing in the game on rummygame.com which would give certain benefits to you or the other players, is banned or restricted and any such activities found will result in issues as ceasing the same accounts as above and also will the users be prohibited from accessing our services any longer. Along with this, we also reserve the rights to hold the funds in your account and verify the profits or the benefits incurred by you and the others in such activities. These accounts will be ceased without any prior notification.

v. You acknowledge that only you and none other assistance will be taken by you, to play on your behalf in the game(s) you have registered on rummygame.com. No use of software programmes, bots, devices or any other sources as such are to be involved. If this is not considered and such acts are performed or experiment, you shall be excluded or banned from participating in any of our games and possibly even have your cash balance as penalty.

vi. Further acknowledgment and agreement from you must be made, for our attempts on verification of your participation without any fraud being involved and to be in accordance with the terms of rummygame.com.

vii. If we suspect that you are indulged in any fraudulent activity or that you have registered or have availed the services on our website from multiple user IDs or have breached any of the terms, then your participation in the game(s) will be cancelled and also will your account be suspected. Your access to the website and withhold any prizes that you may have won be no longer be.

If there arises a situation, of disagreement between you and any other user(s) or player(s) at the time of the game(s) then final decision will ultimately be directed by us and you shall not go against the same.

viii. To be eligible to win a prize, you are supposed to be a resident of India and you must access the services and the website only from India.

If you are an Indian resident and also the winner of certain games, who physically and geographically is present within the country while accessing our services but is not an Indian citizen, then you shall be remitted your winnings or cash prizes in Indian currency (rupees) to the address you provide, provided it is within India. There shall occur delays which you may find unreasonable but you shall however, understand and agree to such delays which aren’t under our control. You shall wait for the necessary processes to be completed with all the clearances and permissions for these remittances.

ix. All the prizes won by you will solely be transferred to you alone and no other third parties on any kind of requests.

x. If the user(s) or the player(s) aren’t from India or if the website is not accessed from India, then you shall be restricted from participating in any of our cash or promotional games on rummygame.com. Your participation is considered as a violation to our terms. After this, you will not be entitled to any of the cash prizes which you may win in the games. Necessary legal action will be taken and we hold the rights to investigate fully on the same.

xi. If in case any prize(s) is/are handed over to in the cheque form and that is not used within the given time period then it will be regarded as the cheque being lost. The request for re-issue of the same cheque being made may/may not be approved according to our opinion or judgement and the same would carry applicable processing charges which will be deducted from the re-issued cheque.

xii. We do not have any take on who the other player(s) on the game(s) table will be. This pairing or matching is purely done on the bases of predefined and random computer generated criteria, which applies to every player or user of rummygame.com. Thus, it is not within our control to match or pair up the players against one other.

xiii. You agree and acknowledge that we are not responsible in any way for the pairing or matching up of the players and you shall not ask for the same. We do not entertain any requests to change the opponents or other players once the game table is set.

5.Service Charge and Service Tax:
  1. 15% service charge on pool games and 10% for strike games on the buy-in or entry fees for participating in the cash games or any in Rummygame.com is charged by us.
  2. The service charge collected is prone to be changed from time being and the same shall be notified to the users or players as soon as possible. Also we reserve rights to change the service charges differently according to different games and it can’t be told that all games will have the same service charges.
  3. Extra service tax may be implied on the services provided to you as assigned by the applicable laws of India.
6.Refer a friend:
  1. Options such as inviting a friend, acquaintance or any other person to avail our services, is provided by choosing the right option and going through the appropriate or relevant links on rummygame.com. By selecting your email provider or social networking site(s), you can invite any person you wish to join rummygame.com. Your personal information is safe and will not be disclosed to anyone.
  2. When the process of inviting your friend(s) or acquaintance(s) to subscribe to our website is done through “Refer-A-Friend” feature, then Rummygame uses third party websites to import your address book containing the email address of such friends to which you can then choose to send invitations.
7.No services offered in some states:
  1. Anyone accessing our services from Telangana,Assam, Orissa, Sikkim and nagaland will be imposed penalties according to the applicable laws in those certain states. No one will be entertained nor will the applications be accepted from those states to participate in our games.
  2. You agree that we do not hold any control over the responsibilities which you go against any applicable laws under those states. You are suggested to learn if you can access our services or if that would result in the violation of laws from those states from which you access our services on rummygame.com.
  3. .If we have a reason to believe that you are accessing our services from Assam and Orissa or from any other state from which it is not allowed to do so, then your account will be ceased or terminated by us without any notification. We also will remit the complete balance in your account back to you by doing certain deductions for the entire applicable processing charges. You also agree or accept that rummygame.com is not involved or responsible for any breach of act committed by you according to the applicable laws of the state from where you access or try accessing our services. Our decision is final and you shall agree to it.
8.Responsibilities of player:
  1. Starting from the log-in account or user ID to any other activities of yours on our website are legally responsible by you and none other.
  2. All the players must know that they may be exposed to the content posted by other user(s) which maybe offensive or indecent and that rummygame may not prevent this from happening, by the other users.
  3. Players or users are requested to bring in such posts which are offensive or indecent, to our notice so that necessary actions will be taken by us on the particular issue.
  4. Any decision taken by us on the following issue will be final and no other changes will be asked to make by the users and also must the users know and accept that rummygame is no where liable to any of these acts, under the circumstances as the same.
  5. We do not take any responsibility or we are not liable for any consequences which may arrive as a result of you sharing your personal information through our communication services including but not limited just to the email services or any other kind of messaging facilities provided by the website.
  6. You shall acknowledge that it is your responsibility to protect all sorts of information you provide along with the username, password, email addresses, contact details and telephone numbers. You understand and agree that we are not liable for your information being provided to another user to which there arises a case where they misuse your account and cause any harm.
  7. You are liable to obey the applicable law when participating in any of our competition(s) organized by rummygame.com. You are to acknowledge indemnifying us against any claims by any person arising out of your non-compliance with any applicable laws.
  8. You understand and agree that your mere participation in our game(s) on our services doesn’t create any obligation for us to present you prize(s). .
  9. Your winning prize(s) is/are completely due to the skills you hold as a player, against other player(s) in our game(s) subject to the rules given. Reading the same is important before participation in any of the available games on rummygame.
  10. You understand and agree or accept that your participation in any of the game(s) is absolutely voluntary, at your own discretion or risk and none other.
  11. You agree that, when a game has begun or commenced and your unavailability or difficulty to complete the same due to reasons such as slow internet connections, defective hardware or any other reasons not attributable to us, do not permit you to ask for a refund for the entry fee you pay prior to participation.
  12. You acknowledge that you use your account with us only for the purpose of playing or participating on rummygame.com and for any other transactions, which are to be carried out with us for your usage of our services and none other.
  13. Any attempt or usage of your account with us for any other reasons other than those which are stated above will result in us terminating your account and also forfeiture of any prizes, bonus or balance in your account. We also may ban you from future registration or participation on our website.
  14. You clearly acknowledge that we are not to be treated as any bank or financial institution and the purchases or balances to the credit in your account do not gather any interest. Your account is maintained with us for the purpose of payments which are to be made for entry fees or subscription fees to participate in game(s) which are available to you on rummygame.com and also for the of cash prize which you may win.
  15. You must understand and agree that there won’t be a way for you to transfer any amount of money from your account with us, to the account of another player on the website.
  16. There is an obligation on the company to make certain tax deduction in case of winnings worth Rs.10,000/- or more in a single game .These winnings shall be credited to your account after the necessary tax deduction (TDS) at 30% is made. You must make a note that you posses a valid PAN and provide the same details immediately upon our request to make possible for us to credit those winnings and allow for cash withdrawals. According to those changes being done with the applicable laws and relevant tax, there may be changes or modifications being done in the website requirements too.
  17. You acknowledge that you not being able to play, due to technical problems or issues caused by the internet is not our responsibility. Rummygame is not liable for those issues such as downtime, server disruptions, lagging or any other unknown technical disturbances at the time of using our services.
  18. You also understand and agree that the difficulties caused at the time of paying the entry fees for any game(s) or the in-completion of the transactions due to any error or omission is attributable to rummygame. Your answer or remedy for the same is limited to:
  19. a.A refund of the amount paid by you, for the subscription or entry fee for the purpose of participating: (or)
    b.A free participation in a similar value game as decided by rummygame.
  20. You shall acknowledge that if a game is unable to be completed due to a different reason(s) that which are not stated above and to which rummygame is not attributable, then we shall not be liable or responsible for any claim for your potential prizes.
  21. You acknowledge and use that your usage of the services provided by us on the website with any monetary risk(s) shall be yours alone and that rummygame has no responsibility for any such losses incurred by you at the time of participation nor does rummygame be liable to pay you any amount over and above the entry fees.
9.Player restrictions:

The player must not by himself or through a third person or through any automated program perform any activity, implied or express, which disobeys any cognitive property right including copyright and trademark rights in any content. Without a specific written or official permission from us, the player shall not reproduce any matter/content on the website. The player must not post, distribute or make the website’s data, text, message, computer file, or other material transmittable and that disobeys any rights of international law or domestic law or any third party law or regulation, including but not bounded to:

(a) patent, copyright, trademark, or any other property rights;

(b) right of privacy (most importantly, the player must not share another player’s or person’s personal information of any type without their indicated permit) or publicise;

(c) any confidentiality commitment.

  1. The player must not compose or formulate the website. The player must not edit or alter data on the website, or delete, or destroy or block any proprietary notices or labels. The player must also not take advantage on any unsolicited information or emails or any editorial comments or commercial material or any information.
  2. The player must not use the data on the website to publicise including but not bounded to use as or in a cyber cafe, computer gaming zones, or any connection to an unauthorised server that copies the gaming experience of the website.
  3. The player must not advertise or sell any products, services or otherwise (profit or not for profit), or request other players or use the website platform for commercial or private purposes of any type.
  4. The player must agree to the terms that, they will not offend, cause inconvenience, threaten, or they will not post through chat/community areas or in any manner on the website that is slanderous that includes harmful or pornographic content or content that disobeys or contravenes in any manner upon the rights of the other players (including intellectual property rights, rights of confidentiality, or rights of privacy) or which do not act in accordance with all the pertinent laws.
  5. The Player must not upload, share, or publish through the website, matter which may contain malware, viruses or computer contaminants (as mentioned in the Information Technology Act, 2000 in force in India and as may be 1. amended from time to time) which may interfere, damage, or bound the functionality or disrupt any software, hardware, or any other gear belonging to us or that assist in providing services offered by Rummygame.
  6. The player must not, through any service or facility including an instant or non-instant messaging platform provided by the website, publicise the services of any third party including websites which may be functioning similarly like Rummygame.
  7. The player shall not deliberately derange or confuse other players or discussions by continuously posting the same message or through uncurbed posts.
  8. The player must not imitate another player/user; try to get their password, other account information, or other personal information from a user, or harvest email addresses or other information. In the function, we have reasonable or favourable grounds to believe that the player’s actions indulge any of the acts mentioned above; we may initiate the suitable legal actions against the player as well as inform the applicable regulatory or law enforcement authorities where applicable, aside from suspending or terminating your entitlements for the use of our website.
  9. The player must not present, stop, imitate or redirect proprietary communication protocols, if any, used by the website nevertheless of the procedure used, including reverse engineering, protocol emulation, altering the website or any data that is part of the website.
  10. The player must not attach unauthorised material, use or create cheats, hack or any third-party software designed to alter the website or exploit, bots, collect information from or through the website or any services. The player must not upload or post any matter on the website other than the matter that the player is required to upload to enjoy the services.
  11. The player must not trade, purchase, sell, rent, lease, license, permit or transfer their user account, any matter, currency, points, standings, rankings, ratings, or any other indicators displaying in, initiating from or related with the website or by using any services.

NOTE: We retain the right to remove and delete any offending material and content from the Website, in addition to start suitable legal proceedings against the player as well as notify the concerned regulatory or law enforcement authorities.

  1. Players are to know that they wouldn’t disclose their user name and password to any other nor let a second party play on behalf, from the same account.
  2. Players are to acknowledge that they alone are responsible for any content posted or uploaded or otherwise made available on our website, by them.
  3. Players also certify that they own the intellectual property rights in all such content.
  4. Every player must agree to save and hold harmless and defend us (through loss of profit and reputation) from any claims, actions, suits, taxes, damages, injuries, causes of action, penalties, interest, demands, expenses, and/or awards asserted or that which are brought against us by any person claiming infringement of their intellectual property rights by that player.
  5. By submitting content to the Website, each Player agrees to award Us a royalty-free, world-wide, non-exclusive, everlasting, and conveyable right to use, copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, edit, translate, make derivative works from, transmit, distribute, publicly display, and publicly perform such Content (other than names, contact information and passwords of Players) and to use such Content in any related marketing materials produced by Us or Our affiliates. Players shall understand and agree that they do not get hold of any rights, legal or equitable, in any material incorporating the Content.
  6. Every player must declare he or she shall not declare any moral rights in the content on a later date.
  7. Each player has to acknowledge that rummygame shall not be accountable for any telecommunications networks and internet services required to access and avail the services on the website.
  8. Player(s) alone are responsible for those applicable taxes which are to be paid on the winning or the prizes paid to the player(s).
  9. Players also shall agree that the use of services is voluntary at their sole option and at their own risk.
11.Closing / Suspension / Termination of account:
  1. You are allowed to discontinue your use of our website any of your favourable time by intimating us of your desire to so the same by an email sent to us at Email id:support@rummygame.com If there is any positive balance on your cash account, we will pay you the balance by a cheque or through any other means as decided by us according to the time and convenience. We reserve the rights to collect any fees, surcharges or costs incurred before you cancel your account.
  2. If we suspect that you are in breach of any of the terms mentioned, your account will immediately be suspended or terminated without any prior notice.
  3. You shall understand and agree that, subject to applicable law, you can be liable to forfeit any money in your account with us if there is caused any breach of terms. Without any tolerance to the mentioned facts, we may start our proceedings with the appropriate applicable laws.
  4. If you provide access of your account to another person on your behalf, to play on the website using the created account, then we shall terminate or ban you from using our website anymore.
  5. If you have intentionally impersonated another individual, by providing details which is not your own while registering on the website, and if we suspect this then you shall be banned from using the website anymore. We may also initiate civil and/or criminal proceedings against you for such impersonation and misuse of another individual’s personal or financial information on our website by you.
  6. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend or cease your account or access to money in it for various other reasons which rummygame alone may deem fit, including but not just limiting to few factors which are as follows- If at all there are any sort of reasons or proofs to believe that your account security has been breached; or
  • (a) Unlawful or fraudulent act.
  • (b) Conspiracy or cheating.
  • (c) if there have been charge-backs on Your account; or
  • (d) Engaging in unfair play with our white label partner sites through one or multiple accounts. or
  • (e) Being of Minor age, that is less than 18 years of age; or
  • (f) You are in a jurisdiction that renders the provision of Our Services to You or Your use of them illegal.

We hold the right to terminate your account, without prior intimation in following cases :

  1. Untruthful Information
  2. Deception
  3. Obscuring needed information.
  4. Violating terms
  5. Fake / Prohibited Location access

Usage of fraudulent methods which include, credit/debit card(s), net banking credentials, wallets, Mobile Phones, cash cards etc.

In following cases, and cases unmentioned, termination of account along with surrendering of your entire balances from all of your accounts will take place.

a. Note: It will be at our sole discretion that we may close the account at any time or continue suspension until the investigation is complete or statutory obligations are met.

In case of any disputes, the decision of rummygame.com shall be final and obligatory.

12.Modifications and Alterations:
  1. We reserve the right to alter the terms at our will, without prior intimation.
  2. Logging into our website, and using our services unconditionally means you have agreed to all the terms.
  3. The services and the information available to you on our website may be altered or removed without a prior intimation and therefore we will not be held liable in regards with the same, either to you or any third party.
13.Disclaimer and indemnity


  1. Any kind of services and content on the website is strictly on “as is” basis with mistakes. Any kind of representations, warranties, conditions or guarantees whatsoever even if implied or expressed (with no limitations, any implied warranty of accuracy, completeness, uninterrupted provision, quality, merchantability, fitness for a certain purpose) are particularly not included to the utmost extent permitted by law. Rummygame.com doesn’t guarantee on continuous, error-free, secure or virus operation of the website or its content including software, games, user account, the transaction processes or any other aspect when using the website.
  2. Additionally, Rummygame.com systems are subjected to maintenance and updates for the free flow of services and therefore to do so, you won’t be able to access your user account and services as and when you like, it may happen for limited period or for extended period.
  3. There may be many causes of service outages as such, natural calamities, war, civil conflicts, computer viruses or restrains and many other beyond the control of rummygame.com and therefore you accept and agree you won’t be entitled to any refund, Cancellation of any Game organized by rummygame.com, the former disowns responsibility and liability for any harm resulting from the same.
  4. Many a times, the games and the events organised and are made available on the site which may require certain legal procedures, during such times the event may be cancelled or denied without prior intimation, here which rummygame.com hold no responsibility in connection with the same.
  5. The transactions made with third party who may have advertisement or are hyper linked in the website; rummygame.com holds no responsibility in such associations.
  6. Rummygame.com, expressly disclaims all the liability being caused which is in connection with content. We don’t encourage or permit infringing activities and infringement of intellectual property rights on the Service.
  7. Rummygame.com specifically disclaims any liability which may arise due to failure of internet services which are used to provide you the services; and also acts and omissions of infrastructure providers. Participation in cash games might result in risk of monetary loss, rummygame.com disclaims any liability towards the same.


To the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless rummygame.com, its parent corporation, officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, any expenses, costs or any debts arising from- (i) the usage and access to our services by (ii) any violation caused by you to any of the stated terms or conditions on rummygame.com (iii) any third party violation caused by you, including without limitation any property, privacy right, copyright or (iv) any kind of claim stating your content causing damage to the third party. This defence and indemnification obligation will survive these Terms of Service and your use of the Service.

14. Governing law, dispute resolution & jurisdiction

The Terms and Privacy Policy shall be taken in accord with the laws of India.

Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of the Terms or Privacy Policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the civil courts at Mumbai.